We are extremely proud to share that this year, Yu Yu Din from Wave Digital, a Mango Group company was selected as on of the ‘Women to Watch 2016: Agents of change‘ – a list compiled by Campaign Asia to celebrate women who are exceeding in a field where they are still under represented in leadership roles.

Only 40 women in our industry in Asia-Pacific were featured. These are women who have succeeded against all odds and our leaving their mark in the industry, innovating and breaking boundaries. Their stories demonstrate their vigorous ambition and the positive change in gender equality in the advertising/media industry.

We invite you to read Yu Yu’s story and then follow the link to read about the other 39 women in Asia Pacific whose achievements should be celebrated.

‘Women to Watch 2016: Agents of change
‘Yu Yu Din – Wave Digital

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-10-38-10-pm Yu Yu Din | Director | Wave Digital, Myanmar: Yu Yu Din returned to her native Myanmar in 2014 after two decades abroad, to establish Mango Myanmar Group’s digital arm in a country with virtually no internet. She has build the Wave Digital team from the ground up, mentoring and training young talent in what is effectively a virgin market. Testament to Din’s commitment to the project, she netted her first client before Wave Digital was fully formed and before she had even officially joined the Mango Group. Din’s career started early – making short films in New York at the age of just 16, then later working with a band of independent media centre activists to produce live television and radio shows off Free Speech TV and WBAI. She moved to India in 2002 and had her eyes opened to the potentials of digital media, leading her to take an IT degree in Kolkata. Prior to her return to Myanmar, Din was Genesis Burson-Marsterller’s head of digital strategist in India, at the head of an award-winning team.

To read the full story: http://www.campaignasia.com/article/women-to-watch-2016-agents-of-change/428435